Your Search for Best Research Paper Writing Services in USA Is Finally Over

Every year, the number of students who are looking for the best research paper writing services in USA increases. More and more people realize that they don’t have to suffer from their homework and lose sleep over something they hate when there are companies willing to help them. But all of them face the same problem: how to tell quality services and bad agencies apart? No one wants to go bankrupt or have their data leaked just because they made the wrong choice.

We have a solution. Our research paper writing service reviews aim to help students find the best academic USA agencies that won’t ask for much of their money while still offering the highest quality. Our team worked for months to find top four options, and we are ready to present them. Have a seat and join us in this presentation!

Ways of Choosing the Best Writing Service

How do we write the best research paper writing service reviews and what factors lead us? We never tire of explaining our position. There are many aspects that make a USA company great. Obviously, it has to be real and provide actual services — we never waste our time on scams that will take money and run with it, leaving clients with no paper. So the first thing in our pursuit is checking if a service is legit. Reputation is another crucial factor. Top websites have top writers, no exceptions, and if they do a good job, clients leave positive feedback. We study reviews like this and draw preliminary conclusions.

Experience is also vital when it comes to legit research paper writing services in USA. The longer a company works, the more reviews it generates. It learns from its mistakes, modifies its policies, and tries to become as customer friendly as possible. Such benefits come with time, so we always make older companies a priority. Transparency matters as well: professional writing services won’t hide how much they charge or what they want from their customers. If we see that prices aren’t visible or policies are vague, we make notes that affect our final decision. Without these things being excellent, we cannot call an agency the best.

Four Sites with the Best Research Paper Writers

After months of intense search, we made a united decision to distinguish four writing services in USA that showed themselves the best side. You can find info about them below, along with a summary of their strong and weak sides. Visit their website in case you need even more data.

1) TopEssayWriting

TopEssayWriting has been functioning as an academic helper for 7+ years. College and university subjects are at its heart: students could find assistance with their English composition, Psychology term papers, Nursing research writing, Business project, Math tasks, Chemistry dissertation, and so on. At TopEssayWriting, every known academic sector has its group of specialists who focus on their area of knowledge and provide quality help to students of all disciplines. Online reviews of research paper writing service are vastly positive, meaning that it has a respectable reputation. Website is modern and informative, and educational materials like samples come for free. This is one of the biggest strengths of this USA agency since it proves that it cares about all students, not just those who hire it for writing a paper. We spoke with operators and were happy with their smart and attentive approach. They replied speedily and did everything to make our client experience as fulfilling as it could be.
When it comes to prices for hiring the best research paper writer, TopEssayWriting doesn’t ask for anything impossible. If you order one page of high school level and ask for a reasonable deadline, you’d have to pay about $11.99. This is affordable by all accounts. We placed an order, too, and we loved the results. Our writer delivered it timely, took each request we made into account and showed an excellent understanding of language + content. We were impressed with depth of their research, and considering how fluent the paper was, we had no reasons to ask for revision. We loved what TopEssayWriting did with our paper and we definitely recommend it to you.


  • The best research paper writing service
  • Great customer support team
  • Affordable costs of paper writing
  • Samples are 100% free


  • Focus on academics only

2) GrabMyEssay

GrabMyEssay joined paper writing market in 2013, and it has a long story of success. It served a big number of students and it continues to help them with every subject they apply to it. This best company doesn’t discriminate between anyone: it helps with English, Sociology, Physics, Economics, Nursing, Accounting, and lots of other spheres. In case you can’t find an option you need in the list with services, it’s not an issue. As we discovered during our research paper writing service review, you should contact operators and ask them about it. They are always willing to come up with solutions. We liked their work a lot because it was professional and precise, just like the work of managers. GrabMyEssay’s website looks good and it has fluent and relevant info about what services students could find. Samples are for all visitors and they are free.
Prices at this USA company start at $14.99. This is affordable, but most of our review members considered such costs higher than normal. Most students need college help, and this is the price for one page of high school assignment. Otherwise, we encountered no issue with this best research paper writing service. The writer managers found for we did their job quickly and effectively. The paper was finished well before our deadline, though we could download it only by the due date we specified. The paper looked excellent and impressed us with its level of insight. Each body paragraph had a proper academic size and structure, and the writer followed all APA formatting rules. With so many positive discoveries, we give GrabMyEssay a top-two spot on our list.


  • Among the best websites that write research papers for you
  • Many paper writing options to pick from
  • Caring support team
  • Informative website


  • Prices closer to being high

3) WritingUniverse

Despite years of academic experience in USA, WritingUniverse doesn’t change its design. It’s been sticking to its theme of aliens from the start, and it makes for a good analogy: students who don’t understand their task might as well be aliens who need help in acclimatizing. Based on numerous positive research paper writing services reviews we found online, this company fits the bill. It offers paid and free kinds of help. You could hire an expert in any subject, including technical and creative ones, or use free samples available on the website. They exist in various categories, and their huge number guarantees that you’ll be able to find the topic you need. Support team is well-informed: they give clear answers and explain anything clients don’t understand. From all these strong points, we were expecting the best results with our paper.
Among the companies that write research papers, WritingUniverse is a cheap USA provider. It demands $11.99 for its assistance and offers discounts to every group of clients. Such a friendly approach elevates it in the eyes of those who struggle with affording expensive services. Writer delivered their work when they had to. It had the correct number of words and was formatted in a perfect way. The content was brilliant as well, though we did have to demand revision. Text had some proofreading mistakes throughout each paragraph, along with some grammar issues. It’s clear that the writer’s command of English wasn’t ideal and editors had to make their own contributions. They did so after revision, but it’s not the same. Apart from this fact, though, we loved the work of WritingUniverse and we suggest you try it.


  • Among the best research paper writing services in USA
  • Cheap prices
  • Excellent diverse samples for free
  • Helpful team with operators


  • Not all writers know English perfectly

4) ProEssayService

This great paper USA service has experience plus a team of experts who work in several directions at once. ProEssayService accepts tasks of academic nature as well as projects that have no connection to college subjects. We liked this approach because it means that more customers can benefit + find what they need. The website has useful info that is easily readable, including good samples, and one essay page costs $12.99. This is low and it meets the budget of most clients. You could ask for a discount as well, but find out what they are before you do this: their system is flexible, but this means they change often.
Operators work with good speed + high level of efficiency. Customers who have questions could find answers to them in several minutes. Placing an order is easy, and you have a chance to speak with your USA writer to clarify your demands. But unfortunately, despite this, we got our paper late. It happened twenty minutes after our deadline. You might think it’s not long enough to be serious, but we treat each case of late deliveries with extreme gravity. Students have a right to receive their order by the second they requested. From better news, the paper was fantastic. We loved every aspect of it, and it had perfect grammar and formatting as well. ProEssayService deserves its place in our review.


  • Great writing quality
  • Affordable prices for USA paper writing
  • Samples are available
  • Caters to everyone, not just students


  • Your paper might be late

Is Every Review About Research Paper Writing Service Real?

Many students wonder if they can trust reviews on the Internet. We have both bad and good news. From bad ones: sadly, many comments are fake. Some USA companies want to boost their ratings and they hire people to leave positive feedback about their services. Competitors of successful agencies do the same, only they pay managers for creating negative reviews. From good news, it is easy to identify them and understand which comments are trustworthy. Each review should sound natural. If they use catchy phrases and domain names, it is a scam. They should have details and preferably screenshots. Check profiles of commenters: if they are new or left just one single review, better avoid relying on it.

Benefits of Reading Professional Reviews

Reading reviews on research paper writing service before hiring any company is wise. With their help, you can learn about perks and weaknesses and realize what you should expect. USA experts don’t have personal stakes in their research. They analyze companies and perform fair analysis. Use their work to find the best paraphrasing tool along with top paper services.

Features That Each Best Writing Company Should Have

Every USA company needs to have specific features for being the best. We made a list for your benefit. If you’re searching for a reliable agency personally, make sure it has these elements:

  • Confidentiality. Best USA services will never share client data with anyone. Read safety policies carefully.
  • Payment. Thinking, “I want the best website to write my research paper for free” is common, but alas, free cheese is impossible. Experts need payment. Watch so that USA agencies wouldn’t charge too much or too little.
  • 24/7 support. Operators should reply within a minute no matter when you contact them.
  • Contact writers. Companies should establish direct communication between clients and USA writers. This allows them to see if they are native speakers on time.
  • Guarantees. Revisions and refunds are a guarantee that each USA paper service should provide. Plagiarism report is also a good idea, especially if an agency offers it for no payment.

Choose Best Website to Write My Research Paper with Our Help

In this review, we proposed the four best US companies that could write your paper quickly and efficiently. We personally tested each and thought them to be the best. Try them yourself, read your paper and share your opinion with us. Visit our website to find more reviews or useful tools aka free conclusion generator and summary maker, and see how easy your education could be!