Climatec Change and Its Impact

Climatec Change and Its Impact In order to understand climate change better, it is important to clarify what is climate. Climate is the average weather condition of a place recorded or observer within a period of thirty to thirty-five years. Climate can be varying in different seasons. Weather is a day to day changes in […]


Phenylketonuria Phenylketonuria is a condition in which human body is unable to breakdown an amino acid called phenylalanine. Firstly, this condition is inherited and it results into increase in phenylalanine in the blood (Borison 363). Amino acids provide proteins into the body once broken down and phenylalanine being an amino acid is acquired in the […]

Hydrocarbons and Their Types

Hydrocarbons and Their Types Hydrocarbons are a group of organic compounds which formation involves carbon and hydrogen only. Most of the hydrocarbons occur naturally in fossil fuels whereby plants and animals that died and decomposed long time ago act as the source of carbon and hydrogen which, after a chemical reaction they can form several […]

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) CDC is the leading national institution regarding public health care services in the U.S. It is a federal agency that operates under the Health as well as the Human Services Department with their headquarters near Atlanta, Georgia. Human beings encounter a lot of challenges, and so the Healthcare […]

2 Artworks by Barbara Kruger

2 Artworks by Barbara Kruger Question: Explain how ideas and meanings that consider gender are encoded in the symbols and material properties of 2 artworks by Barbara Kruger. Introduction Barbara Kruger is a post-modern artist well known for her use of silkscreen prints when creating her pieces of art. Usually, Barbara had a trend of […]

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Introduction The movie is based on the erotic scenes and sexual encounters between Ana, the female character who is an English major at the University of Washington state, and Christian Grey, a billionaire entrepreneur, 27 years old. Their relationship started when Ana interviewed Grey about their college newspaper, and Grey […]

Comparative Artwork

Comparative Artwork Catacombs of Saint Peter and Marcellinus, Dome of Heaven, Rome, 3rd to 4th Century CE. and Hagia Sofia, Constantinople c.532-537 CE The two artworks are categorized as Christian art as both of them were built as places of worship. The Catacombs of Saint Peter and Marcellinus is located in Via Casilina Rome. Hagia […]

Plan for International Trade

Plan for International Trade Task 1. Knowledge Questions 1.1 The international trade policy primary role is to promote free trade on a global basis. Also, the policies, rules, and procedures at the company establish consistently, and complaint approaches towards the managing of imports, exports and related activities around the world. The exporters and imports must […]

The Privatization of Prisons

The Privatization of Prisons Part I. Breaking Down an Argument a. What is the first verbatim argument you are analyzing? Canon (2015) suggests that the privatization of prisons encourage exploitation rather rehabilitation of prisoners. This is the first argument to be analyzed. Private prisons are contracted by the state to offer correctional services to law-breaking […]