Fifty Shades of Grey Movie


The movie is based on the erotic scenes and sexual encounters between Ana, the female character who is an English major at the University of Washington state, and Christian Grey, a billionaire entrepreneur, 27 years old. Their relationship started when Ana interviewed Grey about their college newspaper, and Grey consequently fell for her. The tie moved a notch higher from coffee meetings to sexual escapades and frequent visiting. The two later signed a relationship contract which then came to an end. On realizing that the mode of punishment according to the agreement was cruel, Ana called off the relationship.

Their Relationship based on Nonverbal Communication

Ana and Grey are the two protagonists in the movie who exhibit conspicuous erotic feelings. The duo happens to express nonverbal cues while on their first encounters during the interview. Nonverbal communication entails the use of gestures such as facial expressions and calculated body movements to express certain feelings and thoughts. While on their coffee date, the two display feelings of love when Grey tilts his head and continually stares at Ana, capturing her attention. During the Photoshoot session at Grey’s store, he moves closer to Ana and throws a prolonged gaze on her cleavage area. Additionally, Grey requests Ana to tilt her dress provocatively on the pretext of photo taking, which leads them between the sheets for a sexual affair. The use of nonverbal communication in this scenario is primarily meant to bring the foundation of the real love between the two characters. The originality of this analysis is directed towards ensuring that the audience gets a logical flow of the relationship process of the duo.

Their Relationship based on Conflict Style

Grey and Ana are involved in a series of conflicts and misunderstandings especially the last part of the movie. The conflict is both emotionally and physically through use of harsh words and emotional detachment. Conflict style as a concept used in this film entails the physical and psychological torture of both an individual and the relationship itself. The relationship among the duo is based on an agreement, that is, if Ana broke the rules, she would be subject to beatings. This provision saw Grey whip Ana on bare buttocks on the point of bleeding, a demonstration that if Ana broke the agreement, more severe punishments would follow. The refusal by Ana to accept these rules consequently leads to the end of the relationship. Similarly, Ana is emotionally disturbed since Grey had sex with her and abandoned her. This emotional conflict is confirmed when Grey excuses Ana and tells her that he was not the man meant for her. Their relationship is therefore centered on psychological distress and confusion which leads to a conflicted relationship. The result of these conflicts was painful ending of the relationship which at the end of the movie expressed through Grey’s jogging in the rain and Ana crying in her apartment. These happenings were a reflection of the lost romantic bond between the two. The originality of this analysis is meant to develop the plot and flow of the movie to enhance quality.

Their Relationship based on their Interpersonal Needs

Ana and Grey shared many personal admirations and similar thoughts. At first, the two were bound by the desire to learn through the magazine interview based on Literature. Later, they took their needs higher and explored their sexual desires and fantasies. Interpersonal needs entail the urge to feel loved, appreciated by others, having the positive relationship with others and at some degree the need to feel emotionally attached to a particular social group. During the interview by Ana, Grey expresses his feeling s to her and invites her for a coffee dinner. This personal attitude towards Ana shows that Grey is interested in fulfilling his desires to love Ana. Additionally, after drinking too much with her friends, Ana requests Grey to come and fetch her, where she wakes the next morning in Grey’s bed. Luckily, Grey did not take advantage of her situation; this got Ana more attracted to him and eventually accepted his sex offer. Furthermore, gifts from Grey continued to play a significant role in shaping the relationship of these characters. Grey is so much obsessed with Ana up to the extent of inviting her for dinner in his parents’ house, a sign of love and trust. Grey further expresses the power of interpersonal needs when he buys expensive gifts for Ana, including a new car and laptop computer. This analysis is created to bring the relevancy of the central theme, relationship, which is widely reflected in this movie.


Interpersonal needs, conflicts and nonverbal aspects of the movie created an ideal environment for the development and the flow of the film. Various ideas and themes were brought up stylistically by using these three concepts. For instance, the themes of betrayal, love, job ethics and personal choices were exhaustively brought out by these ideas.