Strengths of Social Media Marketing: Case of ColourPop

This online makeup company is considered as one of the favorite makeup brands by many famous beauty bloggers. Having been started back in 2014, the company is increasingly doing well in the social media platforms. One of the reasons as to why the brand is a success in the social media is through the use of popular beauty bloggers such as Feral Creature, specializing in Instagram, and Kathleen Lights, for Youtube. As a result, ColourPop now has approximately 2 million followers and numerous Reddit threads that are devoted to the company’s products. There are different strengths that have been attributed to the advertisers’ efforts in making ColourPop one of the most sought out make up brands on social media.

Great Interaction with customers

The company engages in a two-way conversation in which it directly connects the brand to consumers. In this case, the company speaks and also listens to its audience. It directly responds to their needs and wants. When the company is posting on social media, its posts tend to add value as well as build the brand. ColourPop also tends to share ideas and news. The main idea is to delight, inform as well as educate the audience.

By engaging in conversation, it shows that ColourPop is not a cold company that is disconnected from its buyers. It shows that the company is listening, understands as well as cares about their specific concerns on a human level.

By interacting with customers through a two-way conversation, it helps show the company’s brand personality. This is the place where the company is able to highlight its expertise and culture while at the same adding humor. ColourPop has managed to showcase its personality through the use of numerous photos.
By closely interacting with its customers on social media, ColourPop has managed to gain valuable as well as candid insight. This is because; people on social media tend to say what they feel about the company. They tend to talk about ColourPop products, businesses and personalities. Negative or positive engagement and monitoring of customers through two-way conversation is a great way of learning what the clients love about ColourPop. It also helps the company learn about the frustrations of their clients, and as a result take appropriate action to remedy that.

Visual Content

ColourPop has been using visual content as a way of attracting the attention of clients. The company has been incorporating stunning visuals and imagery with the purpose of increasing its reach. Through the use of stunning visuals, the company has been able to enhance its brand and earned higher returns in terms of leads, clients, readers, fans, followers and revenue.

Human beings are considered as visual beings. What we see tends to have a profound impact on our actions as well as on our feelings. The manner in which the company uses its graphics largely affects the manner in which ColourPop is perceived.
Visual clues in most cases helps the viewer’s decode texts as well as attract attention to information. In addition, graphics engage the viewer’s imagination and heightens his or her creative thinking by stimulating specific areas of the brain. This in turn leads to a more accurate and profound understanding of the material being presented.

Moreover, the pictures used by ColourPop tend to affect or enhance the attitudes and emotions of the viewers on social media. Therefore, by using attractive pictures on social media, the company has managed to attract a huge number of followers and clients.

Areas in which the company can improve on the strengths

In terms of interaction with customers, the company can continue developing its brand by engaging with customers even when the comments made are negative. This can be done by responding to comments, answering questions as well as addressing complaints. This in turn will make ColourPop build a lasting relationship with business prospects and consumers.